The resonating sincerity heard within the soulful songs & music of Jordan Carroll can be traced back to the beginnings of a lifetime spent faithfully immersed in the art & craft of his greatest passion… Growing up listening to the classics and connecting to music early on in life led Jordan to begin to pursue a professional career by the age of seventeen in 2009. With an artistic approach unique to himself, he began to establish his own identifiable sound quickly; he discovered his talent for guitar, his ability to write thought-provoking & beautifully poetic lyrics, and he trained his stunning voice to bring his uplifting spirit, melody, and sweetness, straight to the surface of his music for all to hear. Dedicated and focused, highly-skilled and ready for the next-level, Jordan wrote & recorded a humble set of five songs for his debut release of the Meet Me In The Sun EP in 2013 and immediately hit the road to support his incredible new material, taking his music directly to the people through self-headlining tours around the globe. Making stops in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, London, Switzerland, Italy, France, Canada, and his own country in the USA from the east to west coast – Jordan played to wildly supportive crowds as he carved his own place in music and fully embraced everything that life on the road had to offer him. While all his time spent touring certainly played a role in Jordan becoming the true artist he is today, it was the move back home to Phoenix, Arizona, that brought the real heart & soul of Carroll’s music out. He composed his first single “Yours To Keep” as a slow, moving, and emotional ballad on the piano, releasing it officially in May of 2014. Scoring himself a song that genuinely had people listening closely to the seismic shift occurring within his style & sound – the enthusiasm & love shown by critics & fans alike inspired Jordan to head back out on the road, touring domestically & internationally once again. Working his way through stage after stage in state after state in the USA, he’d travel overseas as well for a European branch of his latest tour before eventually settling back in Phoenix by the end of the year. Continuing to make important moves while now rooted in the comforts of the naturally awe-inspiring Arizona landscape he so proudly calls his home, Jordan began to explore his sound and challenge himself as an artist even more. Diving deep into a vibrant & dynamic Blues/Funk combo for his 2015 release of his single “You Know That I Know,” Jordan expanded his sound once again, broadening his worldwide audience even further, opening new doors, and crossing over successfully to a whole new set of fans. Always seeking out the opportunity to express himself in a wide variety of styles & sounds, Jordan’s versatility has become one of his greatest assets over time, allowing him the ability to roam from genre to genre with not just extraordinarily impressive results, but also taking his fan-base with him each time. After spending the past three years writing, refining, and recording a whole set of new songs that authentically represent the artist he’s always been meant to be – Jordan Carroll is back with his best. In 2018, beginning with the release of the heartfelt lead-single/video for “The Wind Will Blow Us Home,” Jordan starts the next exciting chapter of his career on his way towards his highly anticipated full-length record coming out in 2019. Stoked to share his endless creativity & comforting melodies with everyone willing to listen, Carroll’s vibe carries the signature stamp of the humble artist he truly is – and all the hallmarks of a timeless songwriter that makes music an experience that the entire world can appreciate.





Technically I’ve dealt with Jordan Carroll more times than songs I’ve heard from him or featured the guy up on these pages of ours…dude’s practically like family at this point & one of the nicest people you’ll run into out there in the scene today.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m probably more apt to be tougher on an artist/band that’s closer to me than not – but the fact remains, JC never even gives me the opportunity to complain.  I actually looked up the list of reviews & past songs from him just to verify that as I listened to the new single “Foxy Lady” that’s coming out on April 25th – this guy has a tremendous track record for success and seemingly can’t miss whenever he steps up with a new song.  While it was way back in 2015 when we were first introduced through his single “You Know That I Know,” Carroll came back strong in 2018 with a delicate tune called “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” and gave every indication that the studio lights were on & shining just as brightly as his creativity & inspiration once again.  Each of these singles have revealed the remarkable natural talent and innate entertainer that Jordan truly is; that includes his latest coming up here in 2019…he’s releasin’ these tunes steady online now and clearly making moves with his music and career.  Ultimately, there’s no limit on just how far he could really go.

You might put this cut somewhere in between the two we’ve heard in the past as far as sound/energy goes…”Foxy Lady” will definitely turn up the amplifiers when called upon in the chorus or surrounding instrumentation, but there are multiple moments of smooth melody supplied in the verses as well.  Where Jordan is really excelling in this new single, is in the balance of all pieces combined; if you’re paying attention and listening, you’ll hear everything clearly in the mix and that each element gets its own time to shine along the way.  Like…for real…I know ‘how’ people tend to listen to music and what’s going to grab their attention at first…there’s no doubt that the spectacular vocals from JC are going to be at the top of that list, likely followed by the appealing sound to the flash & grind of the guitars – I get that – BUT – all I’m saying is turn this up and get the very most you can out of it, because the bass & drums on this tune deserve equal credit for sure – “Foxy Lady” is tight all-around from every angle.  To the point where, if I was to be asked which piece of this puzzle I felt stood out the most, I might not even be able to choose here – everything you’ll hear plays a huge role in making this single stand out.

And no, before you all jump on your Google-machines to see if this is a cover of the Jimi Hendrix hit – it’s not; though I’d be interested to find out how labeling a song with such an identifiable name ends up paying off for Jordan’s new single.  I could see that going one of two ways when people search for it online – either it’s gonna come up right there shoulder-to-shoulder with Jimi in the main results, or there’s a chance he might get stuck in a sea of live videos and performances that Hendrix pumped out over time…tough to say for sure, but Jordan will definitely find out.  In any event, “Foxy Lady” by Jordan Carroll ain’t gonna disappoint any Jimi fans if they happen to end up clickin’ onto his new single – that could be a part of the strategy even…it could be a slick gateway into a whole audience of new listeners.  Check out a sample for yourself below!


Definitely not the kind of artist that would need a gimmick to make his mark though, I’m sure it’s just the results of going where the song took him and the sexualized energy & inspiration driving this wild tale of love, admiration, and devotion on “Foxy Lady.”  Lyrically, Jordan’s found solid ground on this tune with a smart pairing between the sound of the song and the words he’s chosen, which are brought to life in this track from the vibrant way he approaches the mic & sings this cut with such swagger & style.  He’s sleek & slick throughout the verses, explosive & expressive in the chorus where the song needs his energy the most…you can hear the structure build and song get set to reveal its hooks…I dig that tension point there in the writing & performance…like, we brace ourselves as listeners even as “Foxy Lady” surges forward.  Guitar-solo is right on the money and sounds incredibly badass – and the final breakdown of having it cut in & out was one more brilliant addition to what’s been 100% rock-solid from beginning to end already – that’s the kind of attention to detail that separates Jordan from the rest.  Another job extremely well done from what’s clearly a reliable source of damn good tunes – Carroll crushes yet another single – half the time in falsetto this time around even – and continues to find exciting new ways to make his music possess an energy & vibe that’ll connect to the people out there.

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Official Website:






Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – Music Video Release/Review

We won’t waste our time on all those wishes for what could be, cause all that we have, is all we’ll ever need.”  The man writes a great tune…we know this to be true here at our pages when it comes to the music of Jordan Carroll – and in fact, we’ve reviewed this single in advance back in October before it was released about a week ago in November – before it had a shiny new video to support it.  Now it does!

If you read the write-up that comes along with the official posting at YouTube, you’ll learn about the travels that Carroll has been on with his music & where they’ve taken him.  I’m like, 99% sure from the endless strings of cactus & countryside that we’re seeing onscreen in the video, in addition to the tag placed on it, that the scenes have been shot in his own hometown & hills of Phoenix, Arizona.  When you read Jordan’s story on the page…when you listen to the words of this song…and you see the setting that he’s put himself in here – everything adds up together; he’s right at home with who he is & where he is.  It’s a fact that not only makes him look comfortable onscreen in the video, but surely makes sense to our ears with the inviting & sincere way that he sings this endearing melody & song so beautifully.  Dude’s already played about half the globe or more and he’s still only in his mid-twenties if my math is correct…and according to his own story, it’s more or less the winds of the road that blew him home too.  He spent his time out there touring & seeing the world; then that need to settle in for a bit and reset for the next chapter brought him back to the place he grew up…much like I’m sure many of you can relate to out there in music-world, or even if you’re not – we all know what it feels like to know that comfort of home, which is what he’s really captured so well in the humble nature of this single/video he’s released.  Just so happens that visually, Jordan’s obviously living in one of the most beautiful places on earth – so when it comes to the spectacular scenery you’ll see onscreen, knowing that this all exists within his backyard certainly makes you understand why he’d feel like “all that we have is all we’ll ever need.”  If you’re living in a concrete jungle, you might have to use your imagination to understand this all a bit more & what you’re missing out on – but if you take a look at just how amazing these shots of the trails, hills, & mountains that Carroll’s perched on top of throughout this video, it’ll give you a clear picture.


What I love about what the video does for the song is that it really brings out that humble appreciation you hear lyrically in this tune and gives it a visual case for why he’s so content & at peace inside.  That thankfulness you hear in the song is shown to us onscreen as Jordan roams around, singing into the canyons below and genuinely appreciating the beauty, majesty & magnificence of all that’s around him.  It’s great in the sense that…the entire video just gives you this feeling that like…if you were hiking out there somewhere in Arizona, you too might just be lucky enough to spot the wild Jordan Carroll in his natural habitat, doing what he loves most…that you might just stumble upon him singing to the world or whoever might be listening way down in the valleys below.  He made the right move by giving the video clear & stunning visuals that reflect that peaceful innocence & serenity that come with his words & vocals – this was a really smart, simple, and complementary vibe that truly suits the nature of the song.  The sentiment of “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” is entirely gorgeous, the music & vocals came out perfectly, and now it’s got a beautiful video to go with it that really captures the heart of what this song’s all about at its core, while also revealing that sincerity in Jordan that consistently connects.  Like the smart choices he makes in his songwriting, he knows exactly what to include to make the entire experience highly memorable, and he does an equally fantastic job of that onscreen in his new video.

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                                     Jordan Carroll – “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – Single Review


As some of you out there already know…I either have a memory like an elephant or a goldfish when it comes to music and there’s rarely anything in between these two parameters.  Essentially, I either remember you for life, or I forget quickly…I might get lucky and recall a song or two years down the later and have one of those sincere ‘ohhhhhhh yeah, THAT song’ moments…but for the most part, if you made an impact, it’s cause you put your heart & soul into your music – and I’ll remember ya.

Just like Jordan Carroll.

It was back in 2015 actually, when I first reviewed his music and the single “You Know That I Know” – a song that I can still remember the hooks of even without hearing it playing after all this time.  I also remember that same day, I ended up reviewing another Jordan…Jordan Paul…two massively different tunes, but both of these artists somehow came my way at the same time and they’ve never left my thoughts ever since.  Perhaps even more ironically, this new song from Jordan Carroll is almost like a combination of the two songs from both Jordans last time around…which is certainly cool with me.  This time around with “The Wind Will Blow Us Home,” Carroll is reaching boldly into the beautiful on this melodic & atmospheric tune.  With the exceptional songwriting & hook-smart approach that Carroll has always had still intact & evolved, he’s definitely tapped into a magical moment in this new single of his.

What I don’t know anything about…is what keeps this artist away from making music.  There’s a couple ways of looking at it all I suppose.  In the world according to Soundcloud, this is the next tune out from Jordan since “You Know That I Know” came out way-back-when…which pushes back just over three-years at this point.  So on the one hand…given that both tunes are equally stunning and for completely different reasons – OBVIOUSLY I want a whole lot MORE from Carroll when it comes to how much music is getting out there…BUT…at the same time, if this is what it takes to get to the quality in his writing, performance, production and you-name-it – then…well…I mean…it certainly sounds like time well spent.  You’ve got the world by the gonads Jordan…every time you put out a tune, it’s worth listening to; with great power comes great responsibility, as they say…so don’t be musically blue-ballin’ us all too long eh?

All I’m saying is that I don’t even have a concept of what it’s like to have half of the talent that Jordan Carroll has…and every time I hear a tune from the guy, it’s pretty damn clear to me that making music is where the guy truly belongs.  “You Know That I Know” was an outstanding tune in every way – but that being said, probably just on the fringe of what I’d normally listen to in my own day-to-day genre-wise; what made that whole track great was the writing and performance, which were easily strong enough to pull in people like myself quickly onto Jordan’s side – because the passion was clearly there.  This time around on “The Wind Will Blow Us Home,” I feel like he’s written this song for me and anyone else that values melody in music above all things; this ain’t even remotely as flashy as his last single was and I’d be willing to argue that it’s 100% more captivating than his last time out.  Jordan set a high bar for himself with the flawless performance on “You Know That I Know” – and I think he’s honestly found a way to outdo every possible expectation you might have had for his music with this new single of his.  This…THIS…is a completely gorgeous tune…& he should seriously be proud of raising the bar once again.

Alright.  So let’s break this down…cause there’s lots to love about this song.  I don’t want to take a thing away from the music, so I’ll mention that first…it’s extremely well done & played to perfection.  Gentle when it needs to be, rising to an uplifting, empowering & sweet place as it continues; what Carroll has created on “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” is beautifully inviting and comforting to listen to, straight-up.  And of course, without the tender melody of the music to inspire him…we might not have ever gotten this performance from Jordan on the microphone…so make no mistake, the music plays a MASSIVE role, no matter how subtle & mild it comes across.  With the smart placement of strings, tenderized guitars, and the rhythm section so immaculately on-point in this tune, “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” delivers on all-fronts when it comes to the instrumentation and sound of this single…and I don’t mind tellin’ ya – it’ll probably be the last thing you actually notice.

What makes this single awesome – is the fact that that’s okay.  Jordan puts in such a remarkable and noteworthy performance on the microphone & into the vocals of this tune that you can’t take your ears off the guy, nor would you want to.  With a like…almost early Coldplay like earnestness in the songwriting and like, the best parts of what I love about Brendon Urie’s voice without any of the BS that comes with it…somehow, Carroll has really stumbled onto his own timeless sound on this single.  Well…three years in between singles…probably not so much stumbled as it has been carefully mapped out…and in that sense, you almost have to give the man even more credit for how organic and naturally beautiful this song sounds.  I felt like as spot-on as the music of this tune really IS – the majority of this tune, pass or fail, rested squarely on Jordan’s shoulders to deliver the bulk of the melody on the mic – and words can’t express just how inspiring it is to hear an artist rise so confidently to the occasion.  Don’t let that slight tremble or tremolo of his voice fool you…that’s not nervousness, that’s style, texture, and a signature sound at work…quite honestly, it’s the perfect approach & fit for this song.

The widespread appeal of “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” is arguably even greater on Jordan’s new single than the last one – which is again, saying quite a lot.  Lyrically, he’s on more than solid ground here – excellent imagery in his words, but even more-so, AMAZING sincerity & melody in his voice!  Overall, there’s a real classic sound that echoes through the spirit of this song that’ll reach people of all ages…an endearing & low-key indie-style that sparkles & shines sweetly…a tune that heads straight for the heart without hesitation and nestles itself right in ya to call that heart a home.  Fantastic emotion, tone, technique, and sound from Jordan’s vocals on “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – even with as much going RIGHT in everything surrounding him, he steals the show with a seriously stunning performance.

Ain’t nothin’ to complain about here…I’ve only got words of praise for what Jordan Carroll comes up with.  Even if it takes another three years before we get another tune – I’ll imagine I’ll feel the same way at that time too…this guy understands music & melody on an incredible level and he proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt on his return with “The Wind Will Blow Us Home” – this song is a true gem of 2018.

Looks like it’s still a ways to go before it officially comes out…it’s being released on November 18th – which means that the wait for new Jordan Carroll is nearly over!  It’s well worth circling that date on your calendars to remember – so do that!  And in the meantime, stay up to-date on all things about Jordan Carroll by visiting his main website at:


"Jordan Carroll releases new single called ‘The Wind Will Blow Us Home’."

Published by Music Injection Magazine 

Jordan Carroll is a singer songwriter with some real talent. ‘The Wind Will Blow Us Home’ is his latest single and is a beautiful rock band love song. I am impressed with Jordan’s vocals and the way that I feel when I listen to this song. It is impossible not to listen to it all once I put it on. I love the meaning, that he is not going to waste his time on wishes as he has what he needs. What a message that the world needs to hear right now! Jordan has also released a music video that you can watch below. The backdrop to the this video is the Arizona desert and with Jordan singing with emotion in his voice. I encourage you to watch and I hope you enjoy listening to ‘The Wind Will Blow Us Home’ as much as I did. 


"Jordan Carroll believes “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”"

by Aipate Magazine

Jordan Carroll shares the video for his new single, “The Wind Will Blow Us Home”. The guitar-led, acoustic-sounding, indie-pop record is a perfect representation of Jordan’s type of music. The Phoenix, Arizona-based American singer/songwriter started making music professionally in 2008 and by 2013, he’d released his 5-track, debut EP, Meet Me In The Sun. Armed with heartwarming voice and thoughtful lyrics, Carroll is one the musicians who, who by the measure of their potential alone, should be getting more attention. Listen/watch the video above and follow him on Instagram and Facebook



   Jordan Carroll – “You Know That I Know” – Single Review

Back-to-back Jordan’s on the page! I feel like it’s 1997-98 up in here and we just took home a set of championship rings in Chicago for the stellar new music on the page today from the two Jordan’s we’ve discovered. First Jordan Paul and now Jordan Carroll…it seems like we can’t miss here in Jordan-land today! The comparisons end with the first-names alone; both have completely different style but from what I can hear they are both certainly bringing their very best to the studio. We’ve dealt with Jordan Paul earlier today – it’s time for the blues-rock infused music of the young & talented, soulful & smooth Jordan Carroll…read on!

Although it has a lot in common with the blues both lyrically and musically, “You Know That I Know” leans heavily on an understated pop-rhythm that glides this song fluidly throughout. Vocally…while the song is based in a more groove-rock style, Jordan actually reminds me of singers outside of the genre like Esthero…kind of like that somehow mixed in with a little John Mayer and a little Jonny Lang…that kinda sound…don’t tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing! And YES…I know Esthero is a female-lead…I’m not saying anything regarding the sound, tone or gender so much as it’s a comment on the stylistic way that Jordan approaches his words, and how perfectly he’s put them.

Undeniably, this is a fine, fine rhythm. “You Know That I Know” is played tightly, sung extremely well, and overall has a real flavour to it. You can audibly hear the entertainer in him…Jordan was clearly a born entertainer and has no problem at all letting his full range soar from low to high & back again – the young man has got himself a powerful set of vocal-chords, there’s no doubt.

And while we’re on the anatomy-type-subject…LUNG CAPACITY too…this guy must be able to take in the air of a jetliner to belt it out like he does towards the end of this new single. It’s a complete pleasure to listen to the raw, real & unrestrained performance he puts in here…Jordan hasn’t held a thing back in singing on “You Know That I Know.”

Guitar is a standout for an excellent riff & solid groove that drives the song forward outside of the chilled-out verse rhythms and into the chorus. Complex timing and structure allow for entertaining dynamics throughout “You Know That I Know” and it’s all delivered powerfully, confidently and with the precision of a pro that’s been doing this for years upon years. As excellent as that guitar & surrounding drums and bass can be…the star of the show is certainly Carroll’s voice…to think that with even more time & experience he’ll get even better is already a mind-blower; over time he will become a very formidable monster in the vocal department. Easily already able to hold his own and compete with some of the very best & most confident voices in rock on a talent-level; as he continues to refine his sound, style and skills…seriously…this guy is going to become a true force to be reckoned with.

So if you’ve got him opening for you…I’m just saying to you ‘closing bands’ – you better put in one hell of a performance after this guy takes the stage if you want a chance at being remembered because Jordan Carroll is clearly going to BRING IT each and every time. I really dig & respect the approach he has to this song – he’s done everything right without making the smoothness of this vibe sound arrogant or cocky – he’s actually done the opposite and created an extremely inviting rhythm & groove that will pull you right in through a stunningly passionate & powerful execution from production to performance.

Very interested to see what Jordan Carroll might do for this genre of blues-rock and how he’ll set himself apart from the rest in the years to come. Talent like this won’t stay unrecognized for long – and this entire genre needs a new champion right now. We might have just found him.

Find out more about my thoughts on Jordan Carroll and his latest single “You Know That I Know” on September 10th when SBS Live This Week returns again to the screen. We’ll have Jordan Carroll in the spotlight to reveal a bunch of stuff that I didn’t mention here in the review today – so make sure to keep your eyes on our Facebook & Twitter pages so you’re the first to know when it pops online this Thursday night! See you there!

For now, you can find out some information on your own about Jordan Carroll and what he’s up to here at his official pages – this talented dude can be found EVERYWHERE online, just look below!

Jordan Carroll: “You Know That I Know” – An elaborate web of traditional musical roots

The young Phoenix native, Jordan Carroll’s upcoming single release, “You Know That I Know,” blends the most immediate instrumental and lyrical details with an elaborate web of traditional musical roots. This body of work reaches out wide to draw in the blues, folk, rock and just about everything else, with a touch of the troubadour in it. The result is a fully realized song that takes you on an artful journey, with the highest of highs and wretched lows of love wrapped all inside its storyline – sometimes at the same time.

Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll

On the surface, someone looking for a casual listen could just ease into this gorgeous feast that is Carroll’s wide ranging voice and enjoy, but why would you leave it there? The man’s talent can capture the most sustained ache or joy through a musical verse, which lives like a weight in your belly for a long time after listening. Quite simply Jordan Carroll is no ordinary ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, singer-songwriter.

Before you even listen to “You Know That I Know,” or watch the teaser video, there are two things you need to know. Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Jordan Carroll yet you don’t understand how much of a star he is going to be. Secondly, there’s nothing fickle or trendy about this song, it’s simply a once-in-a-lifetime talented dude with a voice you won’t believe, singing one well-crafted and moving song; deeply personal, poetic and resonant in a soulful mix that is pure pop alchemy.

“You Know That I Know,” will take your breath away and is completely unforgettable. The fact that young artists like Carroll are able to express the wisdom and emotional depth of many lifetimes within a song keeps amazing me! Having a vocal range and tone similar to that of Adam Levine, Jordan Carroll draws deftly from a host of influences, that runs from the Blues to John Mayer and The Doors, to create a song that is mesmerizing, deeply satisfying and completely unique.

Jordan Carroll


Jordan Carroll has the kind of voice that tears into the passion, pain and ecstasy of living and loving, caressing the fragile sweetness woven through it all with pensive tenderness. He is every bit the artist that so many claim him to be; with a great vocal range, solid lyrical phrasing, a heartfelt delivery, simple and beautiful instrumentation Jordan Carroll is one to watch!

More About Jordan Carroll – Jordan Carroll developed a love for music and performance at an early age. Hailing from the Desert Southwest, he began playing music professionally in 2009, releasing his first EP four years later titled “Meet Me In The Sun”. Carroll has drawn comparison to Ryan Adams, among others, for his blues and alt-country sound, which both respects the past while also charting new directions.

Jordan Carroll and his music can be found on iTunesFacebookYouTubeReverbnation, Soundcloud, Twitter, Jango and his personal website

Rising Star Jordan Carroll Announces Release of New Single "Yours to Keep," Available May 1st

The heavenly sounds of the piano are familiar to Jordan Carroll ( from childhood lessons, but his upcoming single, "Yours to Keep," will be the first time the blues-inspired singer/songwriter features the instrument in his own music. Early listeners have responded warmly, remarking that the music preserves Carroll's signature grit and soul, while managing to showcase a softer side too. May 1 will see a worldwide release of the single and accompanying full-length music video, kicking off an exciting summer for the 22-year-old Phoenix native.

Since releasing his first 5-song EP in 2013, Carroll has steadily built a name for himself in the independent music community. The combination of a powerful voice, evocative lyrics, and a vibrant acoustic guitar make him eminently listenable, especially as a live performer. Carroll recently completed a lengthy tour, hitting cities throughout the western US and Canada, before making his way to Europe, where he found himself on stage behind the microphone in various cities before doing a photo shoot in Barcelona for "Yours to Keep".

Carroll has already earned praise from industry insiders. "You are one the fastest growing solo artist I have seen in a while! I wish you luck on this great adventure to success!" commented Mike Renolds of The Edge 103.9 Radio. Rob Mullten of PastTime Records encouraged the up-and-coming singer/songwriter to "Keep up the good work. I can see this going somewhere. To be honest, maybe faster than you think.

"The upcoming single is just one of several reasons for Carroll and his fans to be excited about 2014. This summer will see the release of a new EP "Dirty Child", after which Jordan will hit the road again promoting these releases, tour dates and venues to be announced.


Looking Further ahead, Carroll has another EP in the pipeline that will be released either late this year or early 2015. "Headed West" will showcase more new instruments and communicate themes of life, travel, love, and the value of experience. "Yours to Keep", "Dirty Child" and "Headed West" are all being tracked at Don Salter's well known 'Salt Mine Studio Oasis' in Mesa, AZ, and mixed/mastered by Matthew Nelson of 'Foreword Studios' in Beverly Hills, CA.

About Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll developed a love for music and performance at an early age. Hailing from the Desert Southwest, he began playing music professionally in 2009, releasing his first EP four years later titled "Meet Me In The Sun". Carroll has drawn comparison to Ryan Adams, among others, for his blues and alt-country sound, which both respects the past while also charting new directions.

Carroll and his music can be found on Itunes, Facebook, YouTube, Reverbnation, and his personal website

Independent Spotlight

In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, we’re going to be delving into a new single from Jordan Carroll, a young rising artist hailing from Phoenix. His new tune is ‘You Know That I Know,’ a suave, easy listening rock ballad with a host of other influences as well. We’re getting an early look at it, so you’ll be able to snap it up on September 1. (It will also debut with an exceptionally shot music video.) Now, though, let’s dig into the song.

Carroll aligns his music with acoustic blues and easy listening lounge rock. That’s more or less accurate, but there’s a lot more at play. I’d actually align him with R&B as well, even perhaps pop rock. His lyrical and vocal style have a pop sensibility to them that makes his music both infectiously catchy and incredibly accessible. It isn’t music you have to put much thought into, and it doesn’t ask for much in return. It’s easy, lighthearted, and fitting for a myriad of settings.

Lyrically, the song is a pop rock love ballad. It isn’t terribly deep, but it is well penned. There’s an art to writing a hook; Carroll is on his way to mastering that art. Musically, the instrumentation is elegantly sparse. The percussion is on mark, the electric guitar riffing is excellent, and the mix is well organized. I do want to touch on his vocals, though. He’s a good singer, but he may not be your cup of tea. Carroll is one of those high pitched crooners that can give you a headache if it’s not your thing. (A good rule of thumb - Don’t like frontmen like Adam Levine? This may not be your speed.)

I’ll briefly touch on the music video since it is an integral part of this release. It’s not out yet, so check out Carroll’s website for details and release info. I did have the opportunity to catch the full video, however, and it is remarkably well shot. It’s certainly on par with any other professional music videos I’ve seen in recent years, and it’s miles better than most other independent videos. The video takes inspiration from the song’s creative direction: it’s equally as sparse and calculated, but finely tuned and immensely fitting.

Carroll has a whole lot of potential and this single taps it in a few different ways. I’d love to see what he can do with some deeper lyrical content, but ‘You Know That I Know’ is a superb exhibition of his pop chops. His vocals won’t be for everyone; they aren’t particularly up my alley, in honesty. They do most certainly have a place, though, and Carroll finds that place well and occupies it authentically. Check out the song when it comes out on September 1 and keep updated with Carroll online at the links below.



Latest Tour:

Jan 02 The House of Blues,Hollywood, CA 
Jan 10 Molly Malones Los Angeles, CA 
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Jan 31 Irish Pub Limburg An Der Lahn, Germany
Mar 11 Pub Rock Scottsdale, AZ 
Mar 14 Tempe Market Place Tempe, AZ
Mar 20 The Rouge Bar Scottsdale, AZ
Jun 08 Mesa Amphitheatre Mesa, AZ 
Jun 17 Red Owl  Tempe, AZ 
Jun 27 Rock Point Cantina Tempe, AZ 
Jul 06 Club Red Phoenix, AZ  
Jul 12 Lo-Fi Coffee Mesa, AZ 
Aug 22 LoFi Mesa, AZ 
Sep 05 St Johns, AZ 
Sep 06 The Rock Tucson, AZ 
Sep 07 St Johns, AZ 
Oct 09 Petie's Place Tarzana, CA   
Oct 10 Sacred Grounds San Francisco, CA 
Oct 11 Cafe International San Francisco, CA 
Oct 12 Two Jack's Place San Francisco, CA 
Oct 15 Alice Cooperstown Phoenix, AZ  
Oct 19 The Yard House Phoenix, AZ 
Oct 26 The Pig 'n Whistle Hollywood, CA 
Oct 31 The House of Blues,Hollywood, CA 
Nov 08 Molly Malones Los Angeles, CA 
Nov 09 Hippie Hill (wedding) San Francisco, CA 
Nov 23 Desert Ridge Marketplace Phoenix, AZ 
Nov 29 The Pig 'n Whistle Hollywood, CA 
Nov 30 The House of Blues, Hollywood, CA 
Dec 06 Molly Malones Los Angeles, CA 
Dec 13 Beer Garden Fest Glendale, AZ
Dec 20 House of Blues Sunset Strip Los Angeles, CA

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"The Wind Will Blow Us Home" - Single






1. The Wind Will Blow Us Home

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"You Know That I Know" - Single

1. You Know That I Know

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"Yours To Keep" - Single 


1. Yours To Keep 

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"Meet Me In The Sun" - EP

1. Nobody Told You
2. My Best Friend
3. The Other Side Of Town
4. Leave Me Behind
5. Meet Me In The Sun

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